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Welcome to Holy Trinity National Catholic Church.

We are a Catholic church in the tradition of the Polish National Catholic Church. Our Catholic faith welcomes all people who hunger to know the Lord Jesus through the sacraments, through the scriptures and through a faith community that helps make Christ known in our love for one another.

Celebrating over 100 years of Holy Trinity Catholic Church
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Welcome To our Church

A Message from Father Mark Swoger

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About us

We are an Apostolic Catholic Church. We preserve the faith of the Apostles and have apostolic succession with an unbroken line of bishops from the Apostles of Jesus Christ to the present day bishops and priests. Our beliefs are based on Holy Scripture, Christian Tradition and Church Ecumenical Synods. To learn more about our beliefs, visit the Beliefs & Principles of the PNCC page. Holy Trinity is a member of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese within the Polish National Catholic Church denomination. Organization of the PNCC Visit the PNCC website to view a diagram of our democratic church. Prime BishopThe chief executive officer of the Church. He consecrates bishops, convenes synods,

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