Dear Parish Family, 

     Daily lives are often filled with power struggles.  SOme of these are on a golbal level or a national level.  we also know they can be on a personal level as people struggle for power in their own lives.  We find ourselves looking for power that will conquer all of our struggles and fears.  

     Our God is well aware of our human struggles for pwoer, as some two thousand years ago God took on our flesh and submitted himself to the struggles we face in this world in the person of his only Son Jesus Christ.  The life of Jesus born in Bethlehem speaks to us of the awesome power of God's love for the entire world and for eacdh of us.  Know that Miriam and I experience the power of this love in the love we see for each other and those around you. 

     what is the power that guides your life?  Come celebrate with us this Christmas season the pwoer of God's love that conquers all our struggles and fears if we but invite it into our lives and enpower us to continue to build the Father's kingdomhere at Holy Trinity and the world around us.  

"and the word became flesh and made his dwelling among us."  John 1:14

Wesolych Swiat - Bozego Narodzenia I Szezesliwego Nowego Roku!

A Blessed Christmas to all - Best Wishes for a Happy and Halthy New Year

Father Mark Swoger, Pastor

Holy Trinity Parish Committee - Tom Sikora - Chairman F

ather Mark has been with Holy Trinity Catholic Church since 2011.  You can contact Father Mark at the church office.  724-225-1895.  E-mail

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